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Core WordPress

Conversion Bridge integrations with several core WordPress features:

  • Search
  • Login
  • Registration

You will need to enable the Core WordPress integration and have the associated checkbox enabled to track each separate feature.

Tracking searches in WordPress

Searches are tracked when a default WordPress search results page is shown as determined by is_search(). The keyword searched is sent to your analytics platform as metadata (if your platform supports it). If you have a plugin/theme which handles search results differently, Conversion Bridge will not be able to track those searches.

Tracking logins in WordPress

A login will be tracked in the default WordPress login screen for non-admins or a plugin that uses default WordPress functions to record a login action which fires the wp_login hook. Most plugins that create custom login forms should work.

Tracking registrations in WordPress

This feature tracks registrations made using the default WordPress registration system. If you are using a plugin for a custom registration process, be sure to check our integrations page to see if it is included.

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