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  • 17 Analytics + Ad Platforms

    Works perfectly with 13 analytics platforms and 4 ad platforms to properly send conversion data with no-code setup

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  • 51 plugin integrations

    Automatically detects if you have any of the 51 plugins available for conversion tracking with 1-click enabling for most.

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  • No-code Integrations

    No technical experience is needed, 1-click turn on for most integrations

  • Auto-includes Tracking Scripts

    The required JavaScript tracking code from your analytics platform is automatically included, no extra plugins or set up needed

  • Page-by-Page Conversion Journeys

    See every page a user visits on their way to completing a conversion and learn more about your users

  • Top Landing Page Stats

    Learn which of your posts or pages are the best at converting new users

  • E-commerce Conversion Tracking

    Get details on order amounts as your event goal amount (if supported by analytics platform)

  • Analytics Dashboards in Admin

    Easily access your analytics dashboard right in your WordPress admin for most platforms (where supported)

  • Custom Event Tracking

    Easily add your own custom event tracking to any element on your page based on a click or scroll into view. Also track time on page milestones!

  • Core WordPress Conversion Tracking

    Track events with core WordPress features like searching, registering, & logging in. Also works with the button block for easy click tracking setup.

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  • Media Conversion Tracking

    Video views (YouTube or self hosted), audio plays, image clicks, file downloads, and more

  • Privacy Friendly

    Works with popular cookie banner plugins to ensure any tracking follows the user's preferences for any platforms which need to conform.

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Conversion Bridge saves you money as a single plugin for all your analytics integrations

Add your analytics platform tracking code, track conversions, and custom events for the WordPress plugins on your site. Save more with a multiple site license plan!

  • 51 WordPress plugins
  • 13 analytics platforms
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  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • 1-on-1 email support

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? These are frequently asked questions but don’t hesitate to contact me if your question is not listed.

  • Do I have to use WordPress?

    Yes, Conversion Bridge is a WordPress plugin and only works on WordPress-powered websites

  • Do you provide support?

    Yes! I am very proud of the quality and speed of support offered should you run into any issues.

  • What if I need support for a specific plugin or analytic platform?

    Send a request and I will take a look - I am always looking to grow the integration list.

  • Can I use Conversion Bridge for client sites?

    Yes! Agencies are highly encouraged to purchase a multisite license that allows you to install and use it on many sites with a single license.

  • Can I upgrade my plan?

    Yes! At any time you can upgrade to a pricing plan that includes more sites.