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Feature comparison for Wide Angle Analytics

Wide Angle Analytics Fathom AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsPlausible AnalyticsUsermavenPirsch AnalyticsSimple AnalyticsAnalyticsWPSwetrixGo Squared Analytics
Pricing €9.99/mo $15/mo+Free$9/mo+$0/mo+$6/mo+$9/mo$149 one timeStarts at $5/mo$9/mo+
Free Trial
No Cookie Notice
GA Import
Multiple Websites
Advanced E-commerce
Custom Extensions
Email Updates
Public Dashboards
Developer API
Data Retention 12 mo to Unlimited Forever26 months max3-5+ years6 months+ForeverForeverForeverUnlimitedUnlimited
Open Source
Derek Ashauer
Derek Ashauer is the lead developer of the Conversion Bridge WordPress plugin. He has helped build hundreds of custom websites using WordPress and helped business grow using marketing strategies and various analytic platforms. He now focuses his energy and experience to build highly-rated and helpful WordPress plugins.