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WP Simple Pay is a WordPress plugin designed for creating payment forms. It’s aimed at streamlining the process of accepting one-time and recurring payments on WordPress sites without setting up a full e-commerce store or shopping cart system. Key features of WP Simple Pay include:

  • Easy creation of payment forms for accepting credit card payments.
  • Integration with Stripe for secure payment processing.
  • Options for one-time payments, subscriptions, and installment plans.
  • Customizable form fields and styling to match your website design.
  • Support for various currencies and language translations.
  • No requirement for a separate eCommerce plugin or shopping cart system.

In terms of integration with Conversion Bridge, you can track e-commerce conversions in 13 analytics platforms when users complete payment forms built with WP Simple Pay. By integrating Conversion Bridge, you can monitor key e-commerce metrics such as completed transactions, payment amounts, and user interactions with the payment forms. This data can be invaluable for understanding sales performance and customer behavior on your website.