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Kadence WP specializes in WordPress themes and plugins that focus on ease of use, customization, and performance. The Kadence Theme is known for its lightweight and versatile design, suitable for various website types. Kadence Blocks enhances the Gutenberg editor with advanced layout and design capabilities, facilitating more intricate page designs. Additionally, Kadence offers plugins for specific functionalities, such as enhancing WooCommerce email designs and creating effective popups for marketing. The integration with Conversion Bridge can help in tracking user interactions and conversions, especially from forms created using Kadence tools, thereby providing valuable insights for website optimization and marketing strategies.

Conversion Tracking on Kadence Advanced Forms

While Kadence augments core Gutenberg/Block Editor, it offers an advanced form block which lets you build simple contact forms. Conversion Bridge makes adding conversion tracking a 1-click process to Kadence advanced forms with a simple toggle switch you can find when editing your form. It can be customized with a specific label, conversion value, and works with Google Ads conversion tracking.

Kadence advanced form conversion tracking settings