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Fathom Analytics

Where do I get my Site ID?

  • Go to your Sites in Fathom Analytics
  • Click on the name of the site you are working with
  • Copy the Site ID from the top of this page

You do not need to copy the entire embed code script, this is handled by Conversion Bridge automatically

What is the Sharing Password?

Fathom Analytics allows you to share your Dashboard with anyone via URL. It is recommended to use the "Shared (password protected)" option. If provided, Conversion Bridge will automatically include a link in your WordPress admin to your analytics dashboard.

Only copy the password, the Share URL is not necessary as Conversion Bridge gets this automatically

Do I need to exclude the script tag?

By default, Conversion Bridge will add the core JavaScript tag to your website for the basic page view tracking. However, if you have used another plugin or a custom code method for including the main JavaScript tracking code, you can exclude Conversion Bridge from also adding this tracking script and causing double page views.

Still need help?

If you have not yet found your answer in the documentation articles, please contact support

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