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Whew! That title is a mouthful – and for good reason. Conversion Bridge 1.3 is probably the most important update thus far since version 1 was initially released back in February.

Here is a breakdown of all that has been added and improved in this latest release:

This was an important feature I have been wanting to get done since before version 1 came out, but I held off to get things out the door. One reason people choose alternative analytics platforms for WordPress is because they have privacy concerns and want to make sure they follow legal requirements in their country. Except for Google Analytics, every platform Conversion Bridge integrates with is a privacy-focused analytics platform and does not require a cookie banner to be used.

However, if you are using Google Analytics for WordPress, then it is recommended to use a cookie banner if you have traffic coming from a country that requires it (like the EU) to be safe.

With this latest release, Conversion Bridge ensures that if you have enabled Google Analytics through it’s settings, it will obey and follow the user’s selection within your preferred cookie popup plugin. Currently, Conversion Bridge works with the following in this regard:

Conversion Bridge also has it’s own page view tracking of your visitors, however no personally identifiable information is ever tracked. As such, it should be safe from needing a cookie popup. However, you can choose whether or not you want your conversion journey tracking to abide by your user’s consent from the cookie popup.

Feedback from early customers has been clear: Google Ads conversion tracking when not using Google Analytics was really important.

Each conversion in Google Ads gets it’s own unique ID. With this major update, every conversion you set up within Conversion Bridge or the plugin integration settings allows you to set that specific Google Ads Conversion ID to have precise control over your conversion tracking and get accurate data on which ads are working even if you are not using Google Analytics.

Learn how to setup Google Ads conversion tracking

WooCommerce Google Ads conversion tracking where each unique action can have it’s own unique conversion ID

More Plugin and Other Integrations

The plugin integration count continues to grow and is now officially over 50! This release brings the following new plugin integrations:

  • JetFormBuilder – Track form submissions
  • Elementor – Add conversion tracking to form, button, call to action, and PayPal/Stripe modules

Also included is an integration with native menus to allow conversion tracking when menu links are clicked:

Conversion tracking for core WordPress menu links
Conversion tracking for core WordPress menu links

With the improved Google Ads conversion tracking, this also forced my hand to improve several other existing integrations. These enhancements now allow you to configure tracking on a more granular level:

The FluentCRM integration received a nice update allowing you to see a Contact’s page by page journey from in profile:

See Conversion Journey for FluentCRM contacts

Dashboard Stats Improvements

The Dashboard widget gives you a quick glance at how your conversions are doing over the last 7 and 30 days. This widget has been improved so you can filter which specific conversion events you want to focus on every time you are on the Dashboard. If your site focuses on sales, you could select the “Purchase” event and see stats for it quickly and easily – including your latest conversions (with a quick link to view the journey) and top referring landing pages.

New conversion dashboard widget

More Ways to Access Conversion Data For Your Content Throughout Admin

The Conversion Journeys feature has been a huge hit with users and with this latest release it’s even easier to see Journeys for specific pages, posts, or any public custom post type in use on your site. You can find the new quick link for a post in the admin which takes you to a page showing you every journey that started there:

Conversion Journeys link for every public post

Other Small Enhancements

And that’s not all folks! Other smaller, but also great, new features have been added throughout Conversion Bridge to give you more options and better conversion tracking data on your sites:

  • Google Analytics 4 – Option to send the user_id parameter so you can associate specific user actions across browsers and devices if they are logged in
  • WooCommerce – Improved add to cart tracking to work better in more themes
  • New hooks and filters introduced throughout to help developers extend Conversion Bridge
  • Improved System Info report so I can help provide better support, faster when submitting a ticket

I’ve been excited to get this release out for a while because of all these great new features. Conversion Bridge is growing and improving each and every month to make it the best way to add conversion tracking to any WordPress website.

Derek Ashauer
Derek Ashauer is the lead developer of the Conversion Bridge WordPress plugin. He has been involved with WordPress since 2005 and has worked with hundreds of clients to build custom websites. He now uses that experience to build highly-rated and helpful WordPress plugins.