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Hello, I am Derek, a web developer who has worked with WordPress since 2005! I have worked with hundreds of clients at AshWebStudio and created some premium plugins like Sunshine Photo Cart, Confetti, and a few others at WP Sunshine.

I am happy to introduce my latest plugin: Conversion Bridge!

Like many who have been in this web development game as long as I have, most of your sites likely rely on Google Analytics for website visitor data because it was free and worked well. Doing sites for clients, I always recommended GA and could send a client there with little to no training and they could learn the essentials without a fuss.

When Google announced they were going to be ending Universal Analytics and force upgrade everyone to Google Analytics 4, I was quite disheartened. I felt it was not a good solution for my clients anymore because of the complex UI and advanced training needed just to look at basic data.

As I have grown into building more WordPress products that attract an audience from around the world, Google Analytics was also looking to be a poor solution and even illegal in some countries. I wanted to move to newer, modern, privacy-focused analytics platform.

There was one main problem that kept me from switching: No conversion tracking options for my favorite WordPress plugins.

Most WordPress plugins have a Google Analytics conversion tracking add-on, but nothing that worked with the newer privacy-focused analytics platforms. The choice was to stick with Google Analytics or write my own custom code for every plugin on every project. I stuck with GA for longer than I should have.

In 2023, as I was searching for a new product to build and grow my WordPress plugin offerings, I realized this problem was something I could solve and make it my new flagship product. With that the idea for Conversion Bridge was born!

My goal is to help make conversion tracking very easy regardless of the WordPress plugins or analytic platform your website project uses. Check out the integrations and explore all analytics platforms it supports. I hope Conversion Bridge lets you find freedom from the pains of GA4 while still collecting all the important website data you need to grow your business.

Derek Ashauer
Derek Ashauer is the lead developer of the Conversion Bridge WordPress plugin. He has been involved with WordPress since 2005 and has worked with hundreds of clients to build custom websites. He now uses that experience to build highly-rated and helpful WordPress plugins.