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About Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed for creating various types of forms. It’s well-suited for both simple and complex form-building needs, offering features like conditional logic, advanced calculations, file uploads, and multi-page forms. One of its standout features is the ability to display data using Formidable Views, which turns form entries into dynamic […]

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About Tiny Analytics

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Formidable Forms conversions you can track in Tiny Analytics

Formidable Forms is a WordPress forms plugin and you can track the following conversions:

Form Submissions
User form submissions with Formidable Forms can be tracked in Tiny Analytics, giving you key insights about how effectively your website turns visitors into leads or customers and can guide your growth marketing decisions.
Tracking purchases is the most common form of conversion tracking and Conversion Bridge will send order data from Formidable Forms into Tiny Analytics to give you the metrics needed to help grow your online sales. There is also the option to track individual items purchased to help you learn which products are your best sellers.
Track when users login to your website to better understand how they interact with their account.
User Registrations
When Formidable Forms triggers a registration, a conversion is tracked in Tiny Analytics - giving you accurate measurement of which marketing funnels are working best to grow your user base.
Track donations from Formidable Forms in Tiny Analytics so you can better understand where your organization's donors are coming from.
Growing an email list is important for digital marketing, keep track of the users who joing signed up for your list and where they came from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? These are frequently asked questions but don’t hesitate to contact me if your question is not listed.

  • Do I have to use WordPress?

    Yes, Conversion Bridge is a WordPress plugin and only works on WordPress-powered websites

  • Do you provide support?

    Yes! I am very proud of the quality and speed of support offered should you run into any issues.

  • What if I need support for a specific plugin or analytic platform?

    Send a request and I will take a look - I am always looking to grow the integration list.

  • Can I use Conversion Bridge for client sites?

    Yes! Agencies are highly encouraged to purchase a multisite license that allows you to install and use it on many sites with a single license.

  • Can I upgrade my plan?

    Yes! At any time you can upgrade to a pricing plan that includes more sites.