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I am very pleased to announce the release of Conversion Bridge 1.2. With the first release in February of this year, it saw a big update in March and now another April - that's once per month!

In this release:

Watch the 1.2 release video explaining all the new features:

Conversion Bridge 1.2: Conversion Journeys, Top Landing Pages¸ Dashboard Widget, New IntegrationsConversion Bridge 1.2: Conversion Journeys, Top Landing Pages¸ Dashboard Widget, New Integrations

Conversion Journeys: Page-by-page view of every conversion

The biggest feature from this release are Conversion Journeys which give you a page-by-page view for every conversion tracked on your site.

Viewing the individual journeys can help give you clues about how your website is being used. Patterns can be found that analytics alone can never give you. For example, I noticed how many users on one of my product sites will revisit the pricing page multiple times before deciding to purchase. This tells me that pricing is important but there is something they are apprehensive about to make the purchase. The next step is to further refine and optimize that pricing page to help convince users it is the right solution.

I also find it endlessly amusing to look through the pages a user visits to finally accomplish a goal. They can be so varied and just fun to look through. I will admit that I may have spent a little too much time looking through tons of journeys across various sites now. Ultimately, that time I spent was not wasted because I feel more confident of what is and is not working on websites to make my next design, content, or marketing effort more effective.

Top Landing Pages

So you've written a ton of great blog posts on your site which are generating tons of traffic, congrats! However, the real statistic every website owner needs to know is which of those landing pages convert. A blog post that gets the wrong type of traffic ultimately is of no use to you.

Now, you can view your top performing posts, pages, or any custom post type to better understand which are helping to produce the most conversions. You can also order them by most/least conversions as well.

A post receives credit for a conversion when it is the very first URL visited in the user's journey

Dashboard Widget: Conversion Reports and Top Landing Pages

I love seeing how well a site is performing, especially how well it is converting. Conversion Bridge adds many of the 13 analytics platforms' primary dashboard as a page into the WordPress admin, but I still find it even better to see my conversion performance the moment I login. This is why I added a dashboard widget which shows you immediately how well your site is performing in terms of conversions for the last 7 and 30 days. In addition, you are shown the latest 10 conversions with a link to the Conversion Journey for each. Also, you can view your top overall performing landing pages. Altogether you can get a great overall view of how your site has recently been performing.

4 Newest Plugin Integrations

The march towards 50 total integrations continues! With this release, Conversion Bridge now has easy, 1-click conversion tracking setup for 49 WordPress plugins:

Full changelog

  • New! Conversion Journeys
  • New! Show conversion counts in admin column for posts/pages when it is the landing page
  • New! Dashboard widget showing recent conversions with % changes for last 30 and 7 days
  • New integration! Bricks Builder
  • New integration! Beaver Builder
  • New integration! Leaky Paywall
  • New integration! Document Library Pro
  • EDD: View product, view cart, begin checkout events can be tracked
  • WooCommerce: Add to cart can be tracked
  • Use ?cb_restart in URL to force restart a new conversion tracking session
  • Automatically add all platform JS to WP Rocket exclusion list as it breaks most
  • Fix removing solo custom event
  • Fix MailPoet subscribe tracking
  • Updated Usermaven base tracking code setup, new cookieless option
Derek Ashauer
Derek Ashauer is the lead developer of the Conversion Bridge WordPress plugin. He has been involved with WordPress since 2005 and has worked with hundreds of clients to build custom websites. He now uses that experience to build highly-rated and helpful WordPress plugins.