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Beaver Builder is a fantastic page builder that has been around for a long time. It allows simple drag and drop layout building with advanced options to customize your site to look and feel exactly as you want. With it's extensive module system, you can build just about any type of WordPress website you want.

Beaver Builder Form Conversion Tracking

The Beaver Builder Contact Form module allows you to add a simple, drag and drop contact form to your site. Conversion Bridge adds additional options to easily enable conversion tracking:

Beaver Builder contact form conversion tracking settings

With our integration, you can track form submissions in 13 different analytics platforms and 4 ad platforms by enabling a simple option. This allows you to better understand where your leads are coming to improve your website's conversion rate.

Button Click Conversion Tracking

Conversion Bridge makes adding conversion tracking to both the Button and Button Group modules very easy as well. When enabled, a conversion will be tracked in your selected analytics or ad platforms every time a button is clicked. Learn which buttons on your page drive users to their intended destination the best so you can improve your overall website's performance.

Beaver Builder button click conversion tracking settings