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  • Single Plugin, Hundreds of Bridges

    No more buying analytics & conversion tracking add-ons for every website, use Conversion Bridge for every project

  • Core Tracking Scripts Included

    The main analytics tracking script is automatically included making Conversion Bridge the only analytics plugin you need

  • No-code Integrations

    No technical experience is needed, 1-click turn on for most of the 52 plugin integrations

  • Page-by-Page Conversion Journeys

    See every page a user visits on their way to completing a conversion and learn more about what is working on your website

  • Top Landing Page Stats

    Learn which of your posts or pages are the best at getting new users that convert

  • Multiple Analytics Platforms

    Try out multiple alternative analytics platforms at once without losing existing stats and conversions

  • Analytics Dashboards in Admin

    Easily access your analytics dashboard right in your WordPress admin for most platforms (where supported)

  • Custom Tracking Events

    Track clicks & scrolling to any element on any specific page - even track conversions for time on page

  • Privacy Friendly

    Works with popular cookie banner plugins to ensure any tracking follows the user's preferences for any platforms which need to conform.

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Why Use Conversion Bridge for WordPress

Conversion Bridge allows you to collect important website metrics in many analytics platforms from the WordPress plugins you rely on in minutes with no coding

Use Your Preferred Analytics Platform

Select from 13 available analytics platforms to track your conversions and custom events with ease, including:

  • Fathom Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Plausible Analytics
  • Usermaven
  • Pirsch Analytics
  • ...and many more!

See All Analytics Platforms

Easy Conversion Tracking for WordPress Plugins

1-click conversion tracking setup for 52 different plugins and core WordPress features to track important conversion metrics, such as:

  • Form Submissions
  • Purchases
  • Donations
  • Memberships
  • Signups
  • File Downloads
  • Searches
  • ...and many more!

See All Integrations

Conversion Journeys

See the step-by-step path each user takes on their way to making a purchase, signing up, or any conversion event on your website. This feature helps you understand which pages help turn visitors into customers.

Top Landing Page Stats

Learn which pages of your site act as top performing landing pages to better understand which content performs best at acquiring and converting new leads and customers

Custom Tracking Events

Easily create custom tracking on any specific element of your site with our easy setup where you can track:

  • On Click
  • JavaScript Events
  • Scroll To Element
  • Time on Page

Track Conversions in Paid Ad Platforms

Go beyond your analytics platform and learn the effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts with detailed conversion tracking in these paid advertising platforms:

WordPress Conversion Tracking in Google Ads WordPress Conversion Tracking in Meta Ads WordPress Conversion Tracking in Pinterest Ads WordPress Conversion Tracking in TikTok Ads

Conversion Bridge saves you money as a single plugin for all your analytics integrations

Add your analytics platform tracking code, track conversions, and custom events for the WordPress plugins on your site. Save more with a multiple site license plan!

  • 52 WordPress plugins
  • 13 analytics platforms
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  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • 1-on-1 email support

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? These are frequently asked questions but don’t hesitate to contact me if your question is not listed.

  • Do I have to use WordPress?

    Yes, Conversion Bridge is a WordPress plugin and only works on WordPress-powered websites

  • Do you provide support?

    Yes! I am very proud of the quality and speed of support offered should you run into any issues.

  • What if I need support for a specific plugin or analytic platform?

    Send a request and I will take a look - I am always looking to grow the integration list.

  • Can I use Conversion Bridge for client sites?

    Yes! Agencies are highly encouraged to purchase a multisite license that allows you to install and use it on many sites with a single license.

  • Can I upgrade my plan?

    Yes! At any time you can upgrade to a pricing plan that includes more sites.